About the Project

The Georgia Affordable Child Support Project is a collaboration between professionals who have experience with low-income child support situations and other advocates and the public.

The Project was started by R. Mark Rogers of Rogers Economics and Ross Brockway who is an attorney with the Georgia Justice Project.  Rogers is an economist and former commissioner on the Georgia Commission on Child Support. He has conducted child cost studies for numerous states and been an expert witness for child support cases working with custodial and noncustodial parents and for those in low to very high-income situations.  Rogers has personal experience as a married parent, noncustodial parent, custodial parent, and stepparent. Ross Brockway is an attorney and fellow with the Georgia Justice Project. This nonprofit organization provides criminal defense and reentry services to individuals and families impacted by the criminal justice system.  Ross’ fellowship, funded by Equal Justice Works, seeks to improve Georgia’s child support system by ending the cycles of incarceration, poverty, and nonpayment that currently harm parents and leave children abandoned.

Others have joined the Project, finding its goals good for families and communities and needing to be met.  Sherri Jefferson provides key contributions to the Project—focusing on public awareness. She is the founder of the African American Juvenile Justice Project, a nonpartisan, pro bono project. AAJJP provides services to children and families impacted by the child welfare and the criminal justice system. Sherri’s ‘Power of the Ps’ promotes accountability and the importance of parents, pastors, and principals to prevent encounters with police, prosecutors and prison.

For more information, contact us at info@affordablechildsupport.com.

Google Voice phone: 470-729-2522

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