Change that Matters: Georgia’s Child Support Guidelines Need Significant Changes

“Change that Matters: Georgia’s Child Support Guidelines Need Significant Changes for Low-Income Obligors, Suggested Recommendations” PowerPoint presentation to the Georgia Child Support Commission’s Low Income Study Committee, September 22, 2020

The following is an overview of the PowerPoint slides.

This presentation contains condensed issues and facts on how Georgia’s child support guidelines are overly burdensome to low-income noncustodial parents.  Recommendations were made for the legislature to consider, but the Child Support Commission has not endorsed any recommendations even though the need is very compelling.  The public needs to nudge legislators to draft and enact reform legislation.  This presentation and related documents include key “selling points.”

The issue of how low-income situations should be addressed by the child support guidelines should be examined from two broad perspectives:

Notable facts include:

If legislative proposals are enacted, there would be:

Current guidelines set up low-income obligors for failure.   Failure (arrearages from unaffordable awards) creates impediments to job prospects and earnings.  The hurts the child over time.  Failure creates father absence due to fears of prosecution and incarceration.  The child and father suffer.  Communities suffer from father absence.  Crime rises.

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