How to Find Your Legislators

It is important to get your local state legislators on board for this important legislative change.  These are your state senator and state representative. 

Be sure to send letters (snail mail) in addition to email.  Email doesn’t “count” much in adding up public support.  Call the legislator’s staff if not the legislator.  During the legislative session take a few hours to do face to face during morning sessions or specially set office visits.

Here’s how to figure out who your legislators are.  There are lists on the General Assembly web site with contact information.  The trick is to know who to look for on these pages.  Names and cities are listed with email and legislative phone numbers.  But that may not be enough to help you on this.  A public service web site helps immensely.  This is Vote Smart at

Go to

Enter your zip code at the top of the home page.

The site will then show all major elected officials for that zip code—from president, to governor, to state legislators, and others.  This will give you the names of your legislators.But some five-digit zip codes have more than one state legislative district.  You likely will need to key in zip code “plus”—with the added four digits at the end.  Your can get your zip code plus at the U.S. Postal Service web site:

Note: it ends in com and not gov.

Go to

Go to “Quick Tool” at upper left.  In drop down menu, click “Look Up a ZIP Code.”

Click “Find by Address” and enter your home address.

Click “Find” at bottom of dialog box for your address.

The Zip code plus four for your address will show up on the next page that pops up.

Write this down and go back to

Enter the Zip Code Plus Four and Vote Smart will give you a narrower list of your elected officials.  Use this list for finding your legislators at the General Assembly web site.

Georgia General Assembly

Georgia House

Georgia House Member Information

Georgia Senate

However, the senate side of the web site is limited but points to other web sites as mentioned above for the House—Open States and Vote Smart.

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