Sign Up for Updates or Volunteering

We would appreciate your signing up for email updates on reform activity.

Also, if you would like to help arrange local events for public awareness, that would help gain support for legislative change.  The Project team would put on any presentations.  We largely need help finding local venues for events.

To sign up, send us an email to

Please include as much or as less info about yourself as you feel appropriate. 

An email address alone would put you on our update list.  Your name and city would help us find who your legislators are (street address would help in situations where a city have more than one legislative district).

For public awareness, many local venues are appropriate.  If you are part of a local public service type of group, your organization may want to help co-ordinate an event.  Public awareness is key to getting legislative support and reform.  Feel free to include your phone number if you like us to give you a call on ways to help.

Finally, in your sign up email, include any comments that you would like to add–about the issue, about how reform might affect you or your community. 

Thanks for your interest in making child support affordable–to the benefit of individuals, children, and communities!!

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